Pull to Fit    

     Iron on Adjustable Waistband 



Pull to Fit is a iron on adjustable waistband that let you adjust up to 3 inches of slack in your clothes in less than a minute. From clothes you have to clothes handed down to the new ones you buy. For clothes that do not fit because of : wide hips and small waist creating a bulge, child small for their age or slim so standard sizes don't fit, sagging clothes, no belt loop, elastic stretch out ,person is tall so clothes are bought big for length now waist don't fit, had a baby or lost weight and in between sizes or need to pinch a inch and  kids need to share clothes but sizes differ. It is a solution to everyday problems  with how clothes fit in the waist.


Pull to Fit is  a miniature fabric belt with adhesive backing ironed discreetly on the inside of the waistband in 3 easy step 1. Peel the backing off 2.Place in problem area. 3. Press for 30 seconds on inside & outside of garment

Then simply pull the elastic, adjust to fit and button. If you need to get your slack back, unbutton it and clothes goes back to original size.  There are 2 belts in each packaging to place one on each side of the garment.  

Pull to Fit comes in three lengths: toddlers, children and teen/ women/ men in solids & designs.

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