Pull to Fit    

     Iron on Adjustable Waistband 



Who We Are

I have been a seamstress for over 30 years and waistbands has been one of the major problems that people has needed altered. I knew that there needed to be a solution to the waistband problems. As a seamstress, grandmother and daycare provider, I have seen children and adults with various body frames and heights. Standard clothing do not fit everyone and this cause clothes to sag ,bulge or fall down. I have seen teen and adults with pants that had a bulge in the back of the  waistband which sometimes caused to much of their business to be exposed . Children that was small in size and even with their waistband rolled up, they literally walked out of there clothes. Women  after childbirth or people that lost weight  and in between sizes.

I knew that had to be a solution and it needed to be inexpensive and quick  that everyone could use.

I invented Pull to Fit as the new solution to fix old problems that people have with the way their clothes fit.  It is a quick ,easy and  inexpensive solution that allows you to do your own alterations with out sewing, just ironing in less than a minute.  Shopping for dress clothes for 2 of my grandchildren was a chore because they are slim and had to have belt loops or some way to tighten the waistband to fit properly. Now we can buy any garment because Pull to Fit can be used and the waistband will fit.

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