Pull to Fit    

     Iron on Adjustable Waistband 



How to apply Quick Fit

There are two Quick Fit belts with adhesive backing in each package so you can put one on each side of the garment. Peel the paper backing off and place the Quick Fit, with the elastic strip facing the front of the garment, against the fabric in the problem area that you are correcting.Press and steam the bottom, sides and top and on top of the Quick Fit for 20 seconds. Turn the garment on the right side and press and steam over the area the Quick fit was applied for 20 seconds. If  the garment you are applying it to can not take steam then use a pressing cloth or some type of material on top of it to press and steam. Let the Quick Fit cool on the garment for 1 minute so the adhesive seal completely. Now pull the buttonhole elastic until you get to the slot that is the desired fit and button. Repeat these steps on the opposite side.

If a corner of the Quick Fit comes up after several washing and drying, simply press,

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