Pull to Fit    

     Iron on Adjustable Waistband 



How to Determine the Length to use


Each package contains 2 Pull to Fit that is to be ironed equally spaced on the problem areas inside the waistband. If you problem is a bulge in the back of the waistband, iron the Pull to Fit on each side of the seam in the back with the elastic pointed toward the front of the garment. For slack in any other area, iron a Pull to Fit on each of the side seams with the elastic pointing toward the front of the garment. It comes in different lengths to fit the various body sizes . Pick the length according to the amount of slack in the waistband and how much slack you need to adjust.  

Toddler :This is for small children under 2 . Has 4 buttonhole slots

 Child : This is for children under 7, petite adult  or  when you just need  a little slack adjusted. 

Teen/Adult: Usually has 6-7 buttonhole slots. Has 6-7 buttonhole slots

                                                                  X Large: when you need to adjust the maximum slack. Has 8 buttonhole slots. 

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